Getting a Lung Cleanse and Quitting Smoking

Many consider lung cleanse as one of the key steps when quitting smoking.  The idea behind it is simple, to remove as many of the toxins from your lungs as possible.  By doing so, the hope is that these toxins will not continue to damage your lungs even after you have stopped replenishing them.

How it Works

The lung cleanse process involves two separate plans of attack when it comes to cleaning out your lungs of the tar build up that is no doubt giving you that nasty smoker’s cough.  The first part is eradicating the remnants of your smoking addiction.  The second is actually trying to head off the damage by the toxins already in your body.

Step One: Eradicating Smoke from your Life

For a lung cleanse to work, you will have to eliminate smoking from your life.  The first step in this, of course, is quitting smoking.  It simply won’t do to have a lung cleanse once a month and still smoke a pack a day.  You might as well save your money up for the medical bills you will eventually have to pay.

Next, you want to look at the environmental factors that may continue adding smoke and tar to your lungs.  This means that you need to do a thorough cleaning of all the area in your life where you did your smoking.  Wash the bed sheets, the pillows, and the carpets.  Don’t forget to give you car a total cleaning as well.  This will have a dual effect.  First, you will get rid of all the left over tar that gives your house that smoker’s house smell.  (Many of your friends who don’t smoke probably noticed it, though you may have become habituated to it over time.)  Second, without the smell of cigarettes all over you house and car, you are likely to get fewer cravings.

Along with cleaning out your environment, you will also want to clean out the air that you breathe.  You do this by purchasing an air humidifier.  The humidifier will help remove dust and other substances from the air.

Choose your Friends Wisely

Perhaps the hardest part of quitting smoking is negotiating this change with the people in your life.  Often smoking plays a bigger role in our circle of friends than we realize.  However, you need to be aware that you health depends on eliminating as much smoke from your life as possible.  Therefore, if you have a friend or group of friends that are constantly smoking, you may need to eliminate them from your social circle.

Of course, if one of these people is someone you are very attached to—such as your spouse—this may not be possible.  In this case, you will want to try to persuade your spouse to join you in quitting.  If they won’t, then do everything you can to get them do their smoking outside and to expose you to as little of it as possible.  Remember, this is a health issue.

The Direct Attack

The second part of the attack involves a direct action against the tar residue in your lungs.  For this attack, you will take two actions.  First, you will change your diet.  Increase the amount of spicy ingredients in your diet.  Specifically, add ginger, pepper, garlic, and horseradish to your diet.  On the hand, you should limit your dairy intake during your lung cleanse.  That means, eat less cheese and drink less milk.  After about a month you can go back to normal, but for best effects during your lung cleanse you don’t want to be stuffy.

Then you will want to go at your lung problems directly by taking fifteen minutes everyday to clear out your lung.  Add rosemary drops to your humidifier.  Put a towel over your head to trap the clean air and with you face directly over the humidifier breathe in the cleansing air.  This will help bring some of the pink back to your lungs.

You may also try some of the supplements that help you with your lung cleanse.  They are mostly made up of a concoction of herbal teas meant to help with the lung cleanse process.

If you do all of this, you can restore some of your lung capacity and begin living a better, healthier life.